Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Western Truck Exchange

If you live in LA, if you lived in LA, or even if you visited LA once i bet you've seen the Western Truck Exchange trucks with those mesmerizing mud flaps. Depicted on them are the three owners(?) a small truck and their name.

With their hairstyles and fashion sense you start to wonder what era Mark, Dan and Wayne got this drawing made. What i am who they really are. At closer inspection i have determined that these three men are three famous actors trying to stay out of the spotlight and live normal lives.

My guess.... that Michael Richards, Joe Pesci and Gene Shalit all came together to make this truck rental company. The resemblance is just too uncanny. Of course Mr. Richards went under his alter ego as Cosmo Kramer.

The original Mark also looks a lot like Bruce Campbell..... it's the chin......

Now try looking at that mud flap the same way again.