Sunday, April 26, 2009

Why Myspace can suck it

Myspace thinks it's sooooo smart.
"Hey myspace!"
"Yes myspace?"
"Everyone seems to like facebooks feature of photo albums, lets take it!"
"and everyone is using rate my professor....maybe they will use it on myspace if we provide it!"
"double yea!"
"how about movie trailers and karaoke and, what the hell, lets start our own record label!"
"wow, you read my mind myspace"
"thanks myspace"
"hey i've got an idea, lets do restaurant and bar reviews"
"i think i saw that on Yelp! Lets do it!"
"Do we have the people that enable us to do this?"
"Perfect, lets just do it half assed and let people believe we are on top of it"
"wow, once again you just amaze me with your ideas"
"thanks myspace"
"ok well i gotta go, ive got a date tonight"
"where did you meet her?"
"In our craigslist section"
"you mean classifieds?"
"oops, thats right. ok bye"