Sunday, November 18, 2012

The North Wars

With a $7 price difference, PLUS a guarantee that my shirt will attract waves of the opposite sex, how could you not buy it? HOW? their style is called "ASEY". To 'one-up' them I am now naming my style "BALZY".

Thursday, November 15, 2012

M.O. Munny

I have now listed my three Munny dolls on Etsy! Well technically 2 Munnys and 1 Foomi.

Buff Low, Dirty Dan and The Rocketeer are now ready to jump into a box and head towards your house so they can live on the shelf above your desk!

All of these were hand painted and sculpted (when necessary) by yours truly. AND each figurine has a permanent or removable accessory!

Try to see the Foomi's head and see what direction it's pointing now.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Artist Formerly Known as Prints

I am planning a big revamp of my online store. Currently I use a third party to make my art prints for customers but with that there is a level of disconnect that I am not liking. I've had the equipment to create these posters manually for over a year now but haven't really harnessed its capabilities.

I have been tinkering and very soon I will be offering beautiful giclée prints, with limited quantities, of my fine art pieces. I hope you like the pieces I choose, and if you want to show some love to the photos on my facebook, it can help me see what you really want to see come from my shop. So start liking, and I'll start printing.