Monday, December 5, 2016

Say Cheese, THE BOOK!

Holy cow, after months of work I have finally finished my first book!

Say Cheese: An Ooey Gooey Book About 20 Tasty Cheeses.

Joining together facts, some humor, and a little annatto spice I have created a 40-page picture book to help you know exactly where your cheese comes from. From American to Manchego to Swiss, I cover 20 of the most popular cheeses.

The book is currently available for pre-order while they are getting published. I plan to ship them out mid-January of 2017, signed and numbered 1 to 100. I hope you get a kick out of cheese as much as I do and want to snag a copy of the book for yourself or that cheese loving significant other. Just click the image below to head to my shop and reserve your copy today!

The price will go back to its original $25 rate after January 15, don't delay!