Thursday, May 8, 2008

FTSK full length

I just bought Forever The Sickest Kids album "Underdog Alma Mater."

While skimming through the cd i realized a way to save money, just buy one FTSK song from iTunes, and slow it down and speed it up.....and thats the album.

At least Family Guy is on. oh, and i bought the new Jack Johnson, hell yea.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Old man Oncley

I've known for a while that im turning into al old man by the things i wear and how i act.... but today tops.

I've been collecting the US Quarters since they first came out and i am almost completed. Now they came out with those damn Presidential gold dollars and i was collecting them normally until today. The Sunday paper had an article about how the US treasury is releasing a golden dollar holder and if you buy it ($18) they'll send you the 4 golden dollars that are currently released in mint condition for free! So there was a number and a code to give when you i do it.

I get through and after giving all my info she asks if i'd like to stay subscribed to the mint to get the new golden dollars when they come out each month. FUCK! So tantalizing... so after about 2 minutes of "ummms" and "hmmmms" i just give in and i say OK.

Now, like a lonely old man with nothing to do, im subscribed to receive golden dollars every month. Im a sucker for collectables and it's like a drug. So bad yet soooo good.

Maybe when i get the damn thing ill feel better about it.