Monday, February 2, 2009

Mike's 25 random facts

1. My goal in life is to be able to survive while being an artist of any sort (musically or the other kind)

2. I feel naked without my glasses. like really really naked.

3. i'm embarrassed of my workers hands

4. i was voted funniest student in 8th grade

5. Im actually very shy (been working on it)

6. i've never been in a real fight, although i did get punched in the eye for calling a kid an idiot in little league....he was my teammate.

7. When i was little i once peed my pants on the matterhorn before the ride even started

8. I used to only look people in the mouth when they spoke....if not their mouth, away from their face completely. I've worked on this also.

9. i've probably only read two real books front to back in my lifetime. really

10. The Coachella lineup is amazing this year, honestly mind blowing.....but i really dont want to go.

11. I've never been stung by a bee

12. The only bone in my body i've broken is my nose, which i then got rhinoplasty to correct.

13. May of 2008 i hyperventilated my way into the hospital. i got to the point where i couldnt see or comprehend what was going on.

14. i've kissed four girls in my life (also working on it)

15. When i drink i become everyones best friend

16. i really like animals

17. i eat extremely fast and i get it from my mother

18. i prefer gloom to a hot sunny day ANYDAY

19. i am slightly afraid of heights. If there isn't a good safety device to keep me in place my legs get weak.

20. i wish i could grow better facial hair. like luke wilson in The Royal Tanimbaums. yeeeaaahh

21. the family pets in my lifetime have included:
squeaky - hamster
speedy - lizard
whiskers - rat
noodles - rat
booger - parakeet
angel - parakeet
2 unnamed rats
2 unnamed mice who had 10 unnamed babies
guido - dog
sassy - dog
coco - dog
jason - tarantula
too many fish
3 asshole frogs
and i think that's all of them

22. i don't like to break rules or hurt peoples feelings

23. i have acute scoliosis

24. I've been a student at 7 different schools in my life

25. there are a million Mikes in the world but there is only one Mike Oncley and im proud of that