Thursday, December 25, 2008


Holy crap. what a great christmas eve!
i had work at 11, whatever. but then my whole family sat down and ate a duck dinner. it was just like the scene from A Christmas Story when they go to the chinese restaurant....only we made it ourselves. THEN we all played catch and my sis won. that was followed by xmas and my mom worked my sis and dad. After that we opened our stockings, oncley tradition for xmas eve night. i got a lot of air fresheners since apparently i smell in every aspect of life. Then we all sat down by the fire and watched A Christmas Story, it was a toss up between that, Home Alone, and Meet Me In St. Luis. Now im in bed watching adult swim and on my laptop. too good. and tomorrow i get REAL gifts. sa-weet.
i feel like the cleavers! well.....the cleavers on the verge of 2009.