Monday, May 25, 2009

Copyright: How does that work again?

Can someone please tell me when the music copyright laws went invalid? I have noticed a rise in rap and pop songs using old songs and changing something so slightly that they can't legally get sued, but also can't legally be considered good writers.

enough with the talk, lets listen to some music.

example one: Live Your Life by Rihanna (rip off: Numa Numa)
Is it such a good idea to use the melody of a song that only got popular because a fat guy decided to dance to it on camera? No, it isn't. It makes me want to punch Rihanna in the face (too soon?).

example two: Sugar by Flo Rida (rip off: Blue (Da Ba Dee))
"Hey this song was popular once, lets use its chorus. Im such a good writer." I mean, Sugar is a good song, catchy as hell, but if it were called "Sugar (blue remix)" then it would be a different story. Eiffel 65 needs all the help they can get without Flo Rida reaping the benefits.

example three: Right Round by Flo Rida (rip off: You Spin Me Round)
Oh you again Flo. Do you think that if you changed the lyrics to "you spin my HEAD round..." no one would notice? wrong. If you arent wearing an eye patch with 3ft. tall hair in your video then i dont want to see it. Dead or Alive put too much effort in for you to go fuck it all up. Cant this guy write his own choruses?????

What the hell is happening to original music?

Friday, May 22, 2009

F My Life?

I've been noticing that with the popularity of growing, more and more people want to get their stories of the day out onto the web without first thinking about the subject matter. I've seen a rise in quantity over quality.

Example, on FML there was an entry about a girl who went bowling and noticed the guy next to her had a yin yang bowling ball that she admired, "without thinking i said to him out loud, "i like your balls," and everyone heard me. FML" Really? You want to fuck your ENTIRE life because you said "nice balls?" I read about people getting stitched up after dropping their chainsaw on themselves or girls having their own sisters hook up with their boyfriends and finding out their mom assisted with it. If FML doesn't get an editing staff i can see it going down hill quite fast.

My FML entry: "Today i was walking out of the mall, and as i walked to my car i stepped in the biggest pile of gum ever. It was stuck to my shoe, and everyone saw me do it. FML"

im sure that'll make the top ten