Thursday, February 28, 2008

and the monkeys stole the police car....

Wow wow wow. I was doing my daily routine of grabbing the remote and starting at 340 (HBO) and working my way up. After browsing through movie after movie that i have never even heard of, i saw a familiar title....Jumanji. Click bang boom im watching it, and best thing is it JUST started. I haven't seen it in a while so im very intrigued. So the movie starts and I CANT LOOK AWAY! Its starting to scare me at the magnetism this movie has with my face. Plus, it wasn't like i had nothing to do today, i was actually waiting for a good spot to stop watching so i could pick up some paint i was planning on getting....but that NEVER HAPPENED. I ended up watching until the very end of it at 3:15. and it was AWESOME. Oh man, i want to watch it right now! With Van Pelt and the alligators and the stampede and the old bike and the sneaker! Oh dang and remember the part when little Kirsten Dunst gets shot in the neck with the poisonous needles, MAN WHAT A GOOD MOVIE! thats all. Afterwards i got my paint.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Ouch Glasses

Some people know that while on the recent digital donation tour i broke my glasses. Well not really broke them, but i managed to yank them off my face with a drum stick while in the middle of a song, throwing them into the line of fire of Ryan's hard steps and dance moves. When i got them back after the song the left.....thing....that goes over your ear, was bent straight down forming my glasses into a weird zig zag type design, which i quickly bent back into shape. Well last night while i watched The Whitest Kids You Know for the first time (holy shit hilarious), i fell asleep with my glasses on and woke up at 3am to the sound of my TV. I saw my glasses weren't next to the bed where i always put them. So by instinct i thought that someone broke into my house and stole them along with my TV. Well my TV was still there so that ruled that out. I searched through the covers of my bed to find my pair of glasses slightly bent which is a normal occurrence,
"I'll just bend them back like i do everyday" followed by a quiet snap. My glasses now have the ability to pivot up and down on the left side of my face. At least i can still wear them, they are quite a bit too loose now though. Just don't be surprised if i bust out my Dad's old sunglass strap, you know the one's everyone had in the ninety's.