Monday, September 28, 2009


If you've been to my house, you'll know that my roommate (for privacy purposes lets just call her "Mom") puts out seasonal chocolates in our bathroom. For example, during Valentines day we have hershey kisses with cherry filling, easter we have little hershey kiss eggs and so on and so forth. Well, being that it is 2 days to the first day of the month containing the wonderful holiday of Halloween, our lovely candy dish in the pooper is filled with little black and orange wrapped hershey kisses.....which got me thinking.

When i was a kid and read my 10 page books, one that i would read annually was The Berenstain Bears Trick or Treat. A simple book about halloween and two carnivorous mammals who decided to go trick or treating for halloween. One thing i always noticed was the way their candy was distributed. They would always dish out handfuls of candy corn and gum balls and peppermints in no wrapper, right into the children's bag. Now i don't know about you but i was always told to be cautious about strange people handing out candy that looks like its been tampered with. Charlie Brown seemed to have this sort of shady neighborhood too. Didn't they have parents that told them not to eat these potential sugar balls of death? I know every year as a kid my dad would always have his "sifting" time with my candy. Although it usually involved him saying "oh this one might be dangerous.....*munch*......oh ok we're safe" on numerous occasions. Maybe the Berenstain Bears lived in a happy go lucky town where everyone knew each other and trusted each other and there were no razor blades in any circus peanuts or roofies in pez dispensers.

Lets go back to the good old days. I vow to only serve candy that i have bought in a bag, opened the bag, and dumped into a dish. It'll be like the sweetest complimentary peanuts you have ever had, and only for one day a year. I mean, if they do it in a cartoon it must be good for you.

PS: i always thought it was Berenstein Bears....not BerenSTAIN. I guess they are a little less jewish than i thought

The deed is done

I clicked the button, pulled the trigger, released the trap door, flushed the toilet.......whatever you want to call it.

I finally made the big commitment and bought my new 150cc Lifan engine for my scooter. My second biggest purchase of the year, im going to need to pick up a few more paper routes to pay this baby off. Also the fact that i need to buy a few modification pieces is a little depressing. My dream of getting my engine in the mail and jamming up my bike's rectum and riding it down the street is smashed due to the fact that i have to get the engine, and THEN scope out all the moding areas. The main difference between the old engine and the new one is the exhaust, i dont understand why every other Honda Trail bike has the correct exhaust flange EXCEPT my honda ct90. Which is why i also purchased a ct70 exhaust which will need to be welded to my old exhaust and blah blah blah. I wasn't feeling to hot about buying a new ct110 exhaust......and no one was selling a used one, except this jaggoff from pasadena who wanted full price for his used exhaust....jerk. Getting the 110 would have saved me on the whole welding part, but im not looking to spend more of the money i dont have.

and yes i know that if you dont know about honda bikes this means nothings and is actually quite boring. yea? well....yea! ok! fine! jeeez! more updates to come

Monday, September 21, 2009


I treasure my alone time.....alone time = art time......i treasure my art time.

My new project has begun


Here is the anniversary gift I made for some good friends of my family. Mitzi, their bull terrier

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Buying milk to drink it

[man walks up to liqueur store counter with a 1 quart carton of milk. Man working behind counter is finishing his last conversation with customer walking out the door(bell rings). New customer places carton on the counter]
Clerk: hey there
Man: hi
Clerk: some weather today huh? [clerk scans the carton]
Man: uh, yea
Clerk: just the milk for you?
Man: yup
Clerk: Nothing else?
Man: no, just the milk
Clerk: oh alright.....cause we've got other things to go with milk......cereal....uhhh
Man: i just want the milk
Clerk: just the milk?
Man: just the milk
Clerk: is this your weeks supply? because we sell gallons, just above the ca.....
Man: all i want is the carton
Clerk: oh, well if you buy 2 gallons you actually save more than buying the carton alone
Man: all i want is this one carton, right now
Clerk: you baking something at home? somethings that needs milk?
Man: no
Clerk: no pancakes?....or...
Man: no
Clerk: .....a cake?
Man: no
Clerk: a baby?
Man: what?
Clerk: a baby?
Man: am i baking a baby? is that your question?
Clerk: no, are you feeding a baby? with the milk?
Man: no this milk is for me
Clerk: for you?
Man: yes for me
Clerk: just for you?
Man: yes
Clerk: not for you annndddd a kitten?
Man: no, no kittens
Clerk: the entire carton's for you?
Man: yes, i am going to drink this carton of milk
Clerk: with some coffee or something?
Man: no just the milk
Clerk: all at once?
Man: i am going to buy this milk, get in my car, and drink the entire carton of milk
Clerk: really?
Man: yes really. what's so hard to believe about that?
Clerk: i just don't understand, it's a lot of milk
Man: so?
Clerk: especially to drink all at once. You know we sell smaller amounts of milk
Man: yes i know
Clerk: you wouldn't prefer a half pint?
Man: no, a quart is fine
Clerk: a quart is a lot of milk
Man: i just so happen to like milk
Clerk: yea but i mean, a whole quart?
Man: can i just buy the milk please? how much do i owe you?
Clerk: what's your time frame for this whole carton?
Man: the label said $2.38
Clerk: i mean, is this an entire day thing? or....
Man: here's $3 [sets money on the counter]
Clerk: you plan on drinking the whole thing up right now?
Man: just keep it [walks out with carton of milk]
Clerk: ....because milk goes sour you know [shouting as man leaves] well have a nice day sir
Man: jesus
[bell rings]

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Wait for the beep

Yesterday i learned how to make pictures! You take a tiny pictures that is backwards, shine a light through that pictures, shine the light on kissy papers and then feed the kissy papers to the gnomes in the picture making machine but DON'T forget to lick it first. Then you wait for the beep and your picture is done. If you follow these easy to understand directions, you'll be making your own photos in no time! Although, due to world war IV, the makers of Kodak and Fuji make products to sabotage the other company as well as poor unsuspecting photo journalism majors. But yesterday, after hussles and bussles i made a tiny picture of chelsea real big! Thanks cheche for teaching me to do photos in the dark.

Friday, September 18, 2009

"This song will make everyone pregnant"

The first concert i ever went to was the Pop Disaster tour with Green Day and Blink 182 in 2002 at the Verizon Amphitheater, so it wasn't a difficult decision deciding to revisit my roots and see Blink play again at the Verizon Amphitheater for their 2009 reunion tour.
Now if you've ever been to the VA in Irvine you know their seating arrangement, with thousands of seats leading to the stage, with a long patch of grass behind ALL of these seats for the not so financially gifted folks. My view of the show wasn't that different from my Phoenix show last night.
Notice the distance
Then like a gift from Allah himself, my lovely friend Kelsey invited me and my buddies a tad bit closer to the stage to her section. Notice the difference in photos.
and did you know Travis Barker can fly?
Weezer rocked it before Blink came out. They played classics like My Name is Jonas and the sweater song with other good ones from pinkerton and the green album. I must say their performlance was much better than Blinks, where Tom Delong would just forget the lyircs or make a fart joke in the middle of the song. But weezer did a cool thing where they would all switch instruments. Their bald drummer played 95% of their songs on guitar, but it was still awesome. But i must admit, Rivers looked like a little old jewish man all hunched over with his bald spot. But that doesn't stop him from jumping across the stage on a trampoline and running in circles.
Yaawwwnnn. Standing for three hours can sure make you tired, until next time.
PS: Asher Roth sucks

Thursday, September 17, 2009

French at the Greek

Last night was a most enjoyable night, i finally got to see Phoenix live at the Greek theater. I say finally as if i have been listening to these Frenchies for years now, when it's really only been a couple months. Although after seeing them perform on saturday night live i knew a live show was in order, and i must say i was not disappointed.
Lets just say their show was good enough to enable me to withstand sitting next to the biggest, drunkest Phoenix fan ever, who made it his mission to rupture my left auditory nerve. Anywhoooo, it was an excellent show and i think that Metric did a great job at opening, even though some of my party didnt feel the same.
(speaking of stolen from SkiddleDeeBeeBop, who left her camera in my car)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Death to Plexy

So my scooter is KAPUT! After four engine dissections i have come to the conclusion that i have no idea what is wrong with Plex the yellow 1968 Honda CT90. After sacrificing 14 cats to the God of vintage engines with no results, i have decided to throw in the towel. Although i am showing my quitters side i still must decide on what to do next.....
i could
A: Take it to a mechanic and pay a lot to have a little done
2: Sell it on craigs list for far less than i bought it for, since it WAS working when i bought it and now it isn't
or D: buy a Lifan engine online and replace my 1968 non functioning piece of garb with some up to date machinery that will increase the performance and speed.
when i actually take the time to put all those option into perspective i start to see which one i could really benefit from.....and that is throwing it off a cliff and collecting the insurance money. Oh wait i didnt list that one, so i guess ill look into a Lifan engine. That's right folks, the lovely people at Lifan build engines that are compatible with 2 wheeled rust buckets from the sixties to turn your 89cc into a whopping 110cc engine.
Looks like i have some saving to do.

Monday, September 14, 2009

What are these internets anyways?

With a rise in new and super cool websites, it's hard to find longevity in anything....except blogs. As I must admit I am a facebook baby and still use it every hour, i've decided to focus more on concrete web logs to take up my time. Also since i am very self centered and a narcissist at heart, i am going to repost all my old blogs into my brand new snazzy blogger. Yay for you. Right?
Yea yea ok ill shut up