Monday, October 21, 2013

Did Stan Lee Make an X-Men Film in 1973?

What do you get when you cross 1970's blaxploitation films and Stan Lee? MAGNEGRO!

I let my love of blaxploitation films and superheroes fly with this newest art piece. If I were a producer I would make this movie a reality, but for now we just have to get by with the poster alone.

Here is Magnegro, our magnetic protagonist who's family has been run down by the man. Watch as he uses his abilities of controlling metal to seek revenge on the men who did him wrong. This time, opposites kick ass.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

What Does Day Dreaming Look Like?

I was put to the task to make a visualization of the sounds and words from the track "Eye Dozed On" by Cej, from his album Sleepwalker in Paradise. I posted the album cover a while ago which I also created for him.

Enjoy this time lapse of myself creating his mixed media art piece.

Colored on Photoshop CS5 after scanning in a hand drawn sketch.

(be sure to hit full screen and HD!)