Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I Am Legend

Holy crap. i finally saw I Am Legend today....well, i didnt see it from the beginning but i started only about 10 minutes in so it still counts!
I thought it was a good movie, i heard some opinions on it and majority were negative. But it was sweeeeeeeeeet. But the main reason i write was for the fucking fist clenching tear jerking dog scene. Holy crap, if you know me you know i love dogs but this was just too much! If you havent seen this movie stop reading: but the scene were his dog gets the virus and he is singing to him fucking got to me! oh man. The dog just saved the guys life, there was a knife in will smiths leg and two(or three) infected dogs are about to attack him and his fucking dogs SAVES HIS LIFE! and gets mauled in the process. So will smith injects the dog with the "cure" and holds him and starts to sing to him. This guy has been alone for years and years with his only friend being this dog who has helped him out since day one. Its dying in his arms and slowly turning into a blood thirsty creature. As will smith is singing he notices the dogs hair starts to fall out, his eyes start becoming bloodshot and veiny and veins run through his gums and start to turn his teeth a yellowy color. Right after this the dog starts to snap at will smith, his friend who he has loved for years! The camera zooms into will smiths face with tears running down and a look of stress in his face, you hearing whimpering and whining. He is strangling the only friend he has had in this world of infected creatures. he talks to his dog, he risked his own life to save the dog and now the dog risked his to save will smiths. as he strangles his now infected friend you hear little dog toe nails clicking on the hard floor of the lab they are in, im fucking glued to my seat. this is so depressing to hear this, a sound i attach to my own dogs running indoors is now the sound of a once passionate creature gripping onto the last breath of life it has. then he lets go of the dog and it is dead. he has now lost everything in life he cared about. holy shit.
don't ever make me kill my dog

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Doesn't it feel great

Im sitting in my garage watching a thin red piece of paper dry onto a silk screen and i couldnt be happier. This has to be the best time of the year when the shift from hot to nice and breezy comes through. I didnt work today, and i dont go to my normal job for an entire week, i have some art projects to do, im all caught up on my school work at the moment, the job that i AM going to throughout the week starts at 9 am so i can stay out late and sleep in (8:30 is sleeping in for me), and all of this put together makes me feel fucking amazing. Also since my tape deck and CD player is broken in my car i have been listening to KRTH 101 which is just the greatest radio station ever and plays songs that only add to my euphoria.

Maybe this is why i like halloween so much, it just FEELS good outside. Then comes thanksgiving, where i get to hangout with my entire family and my bands CD comes out, and then xmas which is just plain groovy. The days are on a roll.

viva la vida

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Fuck fuck Rite-Aid

taking pictures is fun but there always seems to be something that goes wrong in the developing stage.
At noon today I headed over to the Rite Aid/One Hour photo near my house to drop off some film. Im excited about the film because i bought new lomo film with brighter colors and used Danny's fisheye camera AND all the pics are from my friends surprise birthday party which was neat-o. I tell the kid behind the counter im hear to develop and he directs me towards the envelopes. I fill one out and hand him the envelope and the film. shazaam, awesome, now it just come back in an hour and everything is gravy. right?
i end up getting busy at home and go back at 4pm. When i come back a different guy is working. He obviously does not speak english with ease. I tell him im there to pick up film, after some confusion he realizes what i need. He asks my last name,
"Oncley....O-N-C(my norm for giving out my name)"
"This one?" He holds up 'Phinley'
"This one?" He holds up 'McCain,'
"(holy shit)No Oncley"
"What letter does it start with?"
"There is no O in here, when did you drop it off?"
"well it will be here wednesday"
"Aren't you one-hour photo?"
(he points to the chart of drop off and arrival dates)
he asks "did you do digital or film"
"film" and i grab an envelope from the stack that i had used earlier.....
What had happened was little newbie kid from 12 o'clock slid me a 3-day photo service envelope, which i might add had no "3-DAY YOU DUMBASS" written on it, and i DID look for it since i turned another rite-aid down 2 days ago for their 3-day service since their 1-hour machine was broken.
well i figure...no problem, i lost a day. Ill take it back and go somewhere tomorrow or tonight.
"Can i just get my film back?"
"We already sent it out"
(head explodes), and unfortunately the smarty working behind the counter thought it was monday(it's tuesday) and it will actually be ready thursday. awesome. wonderful. great.
oh, and to top it off, during our one sided conversation, some old dude sets his vodka down on the photo counter in front of me. Im sorry sir, vodka gets developed at the other registers....i guess he was in a hurry to get drunk.