Monday, July 23, 2007


vagina, penis, boner, and boobies. If those words offend you dont see this movie(plus others but i dont need to say them). Wow, i cant believe how good this movie was. I had no idea what this movie was about and dont even recall seeing a commercial for it BUT..... Superbad has a booth at Warped Tour and the actors came on to sign stuff at a few shows, but tonight there was a sneak peak of the movie EXCLUSIVLY for 250 people on the warped tour. It was first come first serve and we made it! Although i think only 150 showed anyways. We are in Charolette NH at the moment. But this movie, WOW. I heard someone say that this movie is better than Knocked Up which i didnt see, but Superbad does have that same guy in it. Its about two friend moving onto college with one last chance to get with the girls they like at a big party before graduation. Sounds typical but it goes far beyond the normal movie material. Bottom line is you need to see it, which i think is in three weeks. McLOVIN! so DO IT! ps: we got to sit behind Bayside pps: i got to drink my first Mad Dog tonight, bad ass.