Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Latte 4

Bauhaus. Yum yum. Really good latte and an awesome custard filled chocolate donut. With its classic look, Bauhaus looks like an old library with an old timey book ladder and everything.

Also, it has a pretty sweet view of the space needle from the second floor. Quite the location if you ask me. Not only this, but their souvenir t-shirts picture a cafe racer (apparently their logo) along with the coffee shops name. I went downstairs to buy one but the line was out the door so I said fugg it. I plan on going back later to get one, shwing!

Latte 2 & 3

Yesterday was caffeinated. Our first stop was Stumptown Roasters. I got a small latte and Chelsea got, what she claims is, the best vanilla latte she's ever had. Hard to disagree with her, it was pretty dern good. Also, I love how this place looks on the inside.

 After some site seeing and a lunch at Gasworks park, we headed to Lighthouse roasters for a good sit down and a drink. I got a latte of course and Chelsea got a chai. I didn't get any art in my foam, although I did see it getting offered to other customers. LOCALS ONLY BRO. But really, I think they were just doing it for to go cups.

After reading some tips on Foursqaure, I couldn't leave without trying an Americano. I was warm enough already so I got it over ice, which still held up to its acclaim on FS.

Today we venture to Bauhaus and whichever coffee shop may tickle our fancy throughout the day. I could use one right now.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Latte 1

We made it to Vivace today. It's only about a mile from where I am staying, but it marks the first coffee shop off my list. Excellent latte. Plus a great atmosphere for people-watching while you drink.

Tomorrow it is Lighthouse or bust

Im back

So I'm back in Seattle, but this time I am armed with a list of local coffee shops. The 3 baristas I work with are all from Seattle and know all the best shops here. I asked them for a list of shops and I plan to hit them all for a small latte. There's about 7 on the list as well as an amazing and authentic cuban restaurant. I am only here from today until Thursday so you know what that means; coffee for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I can't wait.

Friday, June 25, 2010

John Kenn

Awesome art done on post-its. He does them for fun in his spare time. Worth a look or three.

Monday, June 21, 2010


You'll never guess who I served today at my work....

No, seriously, you will NEVER guess it. Really, you never will. You don't even know this guy.

His name is Ron Austar, but most people some recognize him as Pierre from the Adult Swim show, Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job. His main deal on the show is teaching kids how to dance, as well as some impromptu mediation.

Anyways, he came into my work today and got a split pea soup. Sadly, none of my coworkers are avid T&E watchers so I was the only one mumbling under my breath about Pierre. I jump to the soup bar to be the one to help him.

"You got any ham to go with that?"
"uhhhh..... no?" (I'm new)
"ok..... well what about crackers, can I get some crackers?"
"Well we have bread, white and wheat."
"No crackers?"
(turn to manager)"Uhhhh, do we have crackers?"
"No we don't"
"I'm sorry, we don't have crackers. But we do have bread sticks."
"Ok I'll take some bread sticks. (I put one in the bag) Whoa I'm gonna need more than that."
(I add another bread stick and then tilt my head and squint my eyes)"You want one more?"
"Yeeeaaa, one more."
All of this while he had someone on the phone.

....and that was about it. No life changing experience, but I mean, what are the odds? I work at Catalina Landing in downtown Long Beach for crying out loud, what's he doing here?

That meditation clip always creeped me out, haha. He has another funny one about a special "dream cream", which you rub on your body to implement dreams, but it takes a turn for the worse and sends him into a nightmare, but I couldn't find it.

By the way, his hair was exactly the same.

"Who's got my ham?"

Saturday, June 19, 2010


I've signed up for a multi lifetime membership myself

The Cabo Wedding

Phew, I finally got all of these photos finished. Touching up some lighting, fixing some blemishes, and they're all done. Enjoy.

I've got a small part of my day-to-day back, which will now be taken over by my second job.... dun dun dunnnnnnnnnnn. FFC

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

You Black Whores!

The NAACP got a card pulled from Hallmark because they feel the space themed card has blunt racism in it.

Watch the video here:

Get me one of those cards!!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Deja Vu

I was watching Persons Unknown on NBC and realized why this seems familiar.

Where are we?
Who are we?
We can't escape!
What are our pasts?
Who's behind this?
Who are these people that are already here?

boom* It's Lost.
One show ends, and another starts. I know it's not exactly the same, but the same mystery factor as Lost is all there. There are also about 15 movies with this plot to a T, but as for tv shows, people have a brand new hole in them for a "trapped" show and this show is here to fill it.

The show had me pretty interested until I saw the crappy After Effects flames. Boooooo

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Friday, June 11, 2010


Sometimes I wonder where professional casting agents get the balls to cast certain people in movies.

While sitting in the San Jose Cabo airport and eating a $72 sandwich I was watching TV. A movie came on that I hadn't seen. Max Payne. I played the video game briefly and ogled at the billboards for the final game. What I want to know is, who cast Mark Wahlberg and thought to themselves, "Yea, this guy is totally Max Payne."


Even if you weren't a Max Payne fan or even if you've never heard of the game, you can see where I'm coming from. Max Payne is a tall, thin, dark haired detective with chiseled features. I know, it's a video game and they can make him look how they want, but Marky Mark is a short, stalky, light haired guy with a round head and a big nose. There are so many more actors that could have played the role as the dark detective.

Jon Hamm
This guy is cool! Hamm plays Don Draper on Mad Men. We know he's a good actor, we know he looks good in a suit, and we know he's got Paynes features down to the squinty eyes. Definitely my #1 choice.

Thomas Jane
This guy is rad too! Just because the Punisher was so-so doesn't mean we need to shun him.

Danny Devito
Ok that one was a joke, but I really don't like Mark Wahlberg in that roll. Don't get me wrong, I love him in most other movies, but I feel like you can't just stick a descent actor in movies and expect them to bring an audience. Plus, Mila Kunis was in that as some Russian chick or something..... in black leather and dark lipstick. WTF? You know when you see a person and think, "boy, they look like they'd be mean/nice/sweet/dumb." Well you can't stick a sweet looking person into a mean persons role. A science of a sort; it's closer to common sense I think. Why do you think Batman & Robin sucked so bad(besides the writing)? Clooney makes a great smart-ass millionaire, but as a kick ass crime-fighter, I don't think so.

I didn't finish Max Payne since I had to get on my flight but the first 20 min was enough.

There are plenty more tall, dark and Payne-y actors out there that could be in the running too, but I don't have time to name all of them. Just be certain it won't contain the words Mark, or Wahlberg.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Lord of the Dance

May 1, El Squid Roe, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

There is no question, this guy made our night

We all contemplated whether or not this guy takes home girls frequently. Half of us said yes and half of us said no. The way I see it, if you are having a good time at a bar, being outgoing, and getting girls to dance with you then you are most likely getting some action 60% of your nights out. Girls go to bars to have fun, take off their shoes and dance, and if you can get into that mix for a night then you're in. We agreed that a long term girlfriend was probably out of the question for this guy but he did use his power of the dance to lure my sister into his tractor beam of funk.

I'll stick to my wall flower technique though

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Back to business

Back to real life. The Cabo wedding was a blast and all the pictures turned out really good. Gotta love natural light. I will be making them public soon once I get them all touched up.

In the mean time I've got my next project lined up for me. I started it before I left for Mexico and finished the main part of the skeleton last night.
I felt the Rocketeer was an appropriate choice since everyone that does anything with Pepakura usually does Halo gear. It took me a while to find this Rocketeer file and I had to alter the eyes a little bit but I'll keep posting updates of my progress.

It's also no surprise that I go back to the grind today... literally, it's time to get to work at It's A Grind later today. Such a nice way to come back from a sunny vacation.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Im outta here. For the next week, starting tomorrow, I'll be soaking up some sun in Cabo San Lucas, while simultaneously shooting a wedding......with a camera.

It's ok my first trip this summer is to work....

...and it's ok my mask isn't movie quality.

I must see this

Looks like Jean-Pierre Jeunet has done it again

I love you