Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Im stuck

I am stuck. There is no other way to describe it. Everynight, everyone i know goes out and stays up late and has a good time and i hear about it the next day. But most mornings i have work, and the nights where i dont have work the next day, im too tired to stay up past midnight. I fucking HATE working. Mainly the whole waking up at 4:30a to make some old guys coffee. I had a day off today, so last night i tried staying up to work on my portoflio (, and as soon as it hit 11:45 i was out like a light sitting my computer chair. I feel like a prisoner. I have fallen asleep at some pretty bad times, and with my schedule full with work, friends, family, music, design, and a girlfriend it leaves me no time to go to bed at a decent time or even nap(like the old man i am becoming). And come to think of it, i have fallen asleep during/with all 6 of those i just stated.... in the past WEEK.....damn. And as i sit here at 1am i am reminded that i work tomorrow(today) in 5 hours.....yet i am wide awake.

So as i sit back and repeatedly press play on Guster's "Satellite" on my myspace page, i am going to find a stopping point for building my portfolio(which suddenly stopped working correctly(for fucks sake)) and slide into bed....maybe just lay there awake until 2.

A well earned trip to Idaho is coming up for me and the boys....i think its just what i need.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I am a huge asshole

With the help of Google Analytics i can see what search terms people use to find pages on my blog. This made me think of a fun experiment. I am now going to list random terms that would seem popular in todays society and see if it spikes my page counts. Yes, I am a huge deceiving dick head, but it'll be fun trust me.

Michael Jackson
Billy Mayes
Patrick Swayze
Brittany Murphy
Jay Z
2 girls 1 cup
found alive
Barack Obama
new house
valentines day
st particks day
Kanye West
Wild things
drug bust
fire extinguisher
Gary Busey
sesame street
alphabet soup
Breaking news
sex tape
Steve Jobs
Windows 7
Blink 182
Taylor Swift
white house crashers

I think that'll do for now. Maybe I'll add some later

Monday, July 23, 2007


vagina, penis, boner, and boobies. If those words offend you dont see this movie(plus others but i dont need to say them). Wow, i cant believe how good this movie was. I had no idea what this movie was about and dont even recall seeing a commercial for it BUT..... Superbad has a booth at Warped Tour and the actors came on to sign stuff at a few shows, but tonight there was a sneak peak of the movie EXCLUSIVLY for 250 people on the warped tour. It was first come first serve and we made it! Although i think only 150 showed anyways. We are in Charolette NH at the moment. But this movie, WOW. I heard someone say that this movie is better than Knocked Up which i didnt see, but Superbad does have that same guy in it. Its about two friend moving onto college with one last chance to get with the girls they like at a big party before graduation. Sounds typical but it goes far beyond the normal movie material. Bottom line is you need to see it, which i think is in three weeks. McLOVIN! so DO IT! ps: we got to sit behind Bayside pps: i got to drink my first Mad Dog tonight, bad ass.

Sunday, May 20, 2007


Ok, just to let everyone know off the bat, i am fine. I am back to 100%.

But if you weren't there/stepped outside for 25 min/just want to hear the story, here it is.

It's Ryans suprise b-day party, Me and Danny are playing "I've Never..." where you drink if you have done what the person just said they have never done. We go back and forth and both drink from the same gatorade bottle of vodka with Dr. P for the chaser. After about 6 or 7 sips i had drunk about half the bottle (10 oz.).....if that. I decide i've had enough since i had a pretty good buzz going and start drinking Rockstar. I drink maybe a third of the can.

I then go into danny's room and lay on his bed with jamie. After some smooching we just relax and chat. My stomache starts to feel funny and i figure its gas....not gas. Tossing and turning for a good 5 minutes i take some friends advice and head to the bathroom to let it out of whichever end it needs to come out of. The pain grows and with jamie in the bathroom i try to make myself throw up to stop the pain. First off, i hate throwing up ever, but now i am sticking my finger down my throat to get whatever i can out. All it is is stomache acid, no good. Another 5 minutes pass on the floor of the bathroom and i can't take it anymore. Jamie is calling anyone she can for advice of what to do and i hear people banging on the bathroom door to open it up. I open the door and fall on the floor as i am quickly surrounded by half the heads at the party. I hear everyone asking me whats wrong and telling me things it could be, which dont help (but thank you) since it still hurts like hell anyways. I finally give in to my pain and yell for an abulance. I am picked up by....i dont know...and taken to devins car where we race to Los Al Memorial(seriously NASCAR status). We get to the hospital and all rush to the ER.

By now i have to be helped by Randall and Devin(the saints) into the waiting room. My parents head in after us, recently getting a call from jamie to head to the hospital. Im in the waiting chair and i cant keep my feet still, i am sweating like a cold drink, my entire arms are numb, my eyes can't focus on anything and my mouth is so dry i beg for water. The nurses near by said i cant drink it so i have to swish it and spit it. This continued to happen due to me hyperventilating, caused by a panic attack from the pain. Hyperventilating causes low levels of CO2 in the blood and the following: dizziness or lightheadedness, shortness of breath, belching, bloating, dry mouth, weakness, confusion, sleep disturbances, numbness and tingling in your arms or around your mouth, muscle spasms in hands and feet, chest pain, and palpitations. I suffered from 8 of those. But after maybe 5 minutes of waiting i head into my room and lay on the bed quickly to get hooked up to an IV and get a blood sample taken.

I fell asleep sometime after getting hooked up (some of the the time in the ER was a blur) and awoke to my dad asking me how i felt.

"How do you feel?""I feel like throwing up""Like throwing up?" BLAAAAAAAAH, all over the floor. But it felt damn good....during and after. The nurses cleaned it up and then gave me a bucket, which i never used. Four hours later when my test results came back they had found that my blood sugar leves were through the roof, my potasium levels were abnormally low (normal is 22-29, low is 19-21....i was at 14), and my bicarbinate was also low. They fixed me up with an orange juice and potassium cocktail and ran a few more tests before they said i was good to go. The whole hospital trip was from about midnight to 7am.
Was it the rockstar? was it the vodka? or do i just have an F-ed up stomach? I dont know and no one is sure. But with out my friends and loved ones there to help me, i would have been so alone, in pain, with nowhere to look for help. I owe my life to those who helped me that night, and I realize you never know how good your friends really are until you are in need. And you never know who cares about you until you see all the messages on your phone and online from everyone who is worried about you. I know im a pussy, but ill admit it makes me cry to know i have people like that in my life. And i can only hope one day you'll need a favor from me.

Jamie, Devin, are lifesavers and i love all of you.

For all of the concered, it is the greatest feeling to know that people care about you and your well-being. I can't ask for greater friends, because there are none.

Saturday, March 31, 2007

Meet The Robinsons

Oh man, Meet the Robinsons....or MtR for time reasons. Jeeeez this was a funny movie. I loved it. you def. need to go out and see it. The first half of the movie really leaves you in the dark, but its ok, the main character is right there with you, and anyways the pure comedic genius makes yu forget all about your "lostness." Thumbs up all the way, if i had ten thumbs i'd give it all of them up. And as an added bonus....since its a kids movie....and a DISNEY kids movie, we got to watch an old school mickey mouse cartoon before the movie started.
But summary.....good movie, go see it.

now time for bed

Saturday, February 24, 2007

The Number 23

Holy Crap! I just saw The Number 23 with Jim Carrey. That movie is the bomb diggity. Jamie told me that Kevin and Bean said that the movie tried to hard to be all deep and creepy but i think the movie was right on! It could not have been better. Although it COULD have been better if we weren't sitting in the second row, where you actually have to move your head back and forth to watch the movie. But it was worth it. Sooooooooo GO SEE IT! you know what else is creepy that Jamie pointed out. My birthday is March 20th, 3+20=23! and my address, 3155 (3+15+5=23) AND my lisence plate 4EBG005, (4+E(5)+B(2)+G(7)+0+0+5=23)