Thursday, December 4, 2014

Deadpool Lives!

What a nice surprise today.

To tell his followers that he has signed on to star in the new Deadpool flick, Mr. Ryan Reynolds has tweeted a pic of my "You Missed" piece from last years comic book gallery at Ltd. Art Gallery in Seattle.

Unfortunately it wasn't until his next tweet that he tagged me, but the post is still much appreciated.

I knew I liked that guy.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Fuck Yes or No

One of my favorite paragraphs from Mark Manson's "Fuck Yes or No" writeup. Have a read of it yourself, it's quite good.

For the past few years I felt it was good practice to assume new people you meet have written a book. Just to give a stranger the benefit of the doubt on whether or not they could possibly impress you, makes for a much more positive meeting and friendlier interactions. Give it a try, maybe you'll give that person a 'fuck yes' once you actually get to know more about them.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Stupid Little Squares

They're finally here!

Friends have been asking me about prints of my stupid little squares that I post on Instagram. Well the time has come for a full fledged store!

I love the products Society6 offers so I decided to sell with them again, as I do with my fine art prints. With the volume of squares there are, it was just too many for little ol' me to be making prints myself. Currently, this is the only place that prints of my squares are available.

To purchase original squares, please visit my website or subscribe to my art on ZIIBRA.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Mike Oncley's Tales of Horror Part 4

Electric Eat 1964
by Robert Indiana

In 1964, before the zombie fad
There was an army of zombies Robert Indiana had
They lived on his ranch, and had space to run
Each one of them felt to be Robs daughter or son
He fed them and bathed them and cared for them deeply
He didn’t find these rotting corpses creepy
Night and day he would tend to their needs
Early morning runs and late night feeds
They say when you love someone, to let them be free
So that’s what he did when he got out his key
He unlocked the door and showed them the way
To freedom of choice, but the zombies didn’t obey
They just seemed confused, looking for a meal
No motivation to gather, none to steal
Roberts training had failed, they were used to being fed
So he constructed a sign that would help out the dead
A reminder to EAT, yes EAT everything
"Get it yourself, there is no food I will bring”
So the living dead feasted and bit and chewed
The living ran in terror as the dead did pursue
Keeping in mind to keep that sign in view
or else they may forget what to do
After weeks of feasting on animal entrails
Robert Indiana was shocked at all the killing this entailed
"I fed you grains and legumes and soy!
I never wanted death when my zombies were deployed"
So he quickly ran to the source of their thoughts
A brightly lit EAT, burning at 3 million WATTS
He then bent down to the lower left side
and loosened some bulbs to loosen the zombie's pride
FAT the sign read, “You’re all getting fat!
Put down those brains and eat healthy snacks"
The zombies were outraged, betrayed by their father
“We can’t fight our instincts, don’t be a bother!”
Thus began the great zombie migration
Greatly offended, they headed to the train station
“But where will you go?” asked Robert in confusion
“Maybe the woods, to scare kids who are boozin
or to the snow to leap out at campers
or maybe the desert to party with the vampires”
With a whistle and steam, the locomotive was gone
When Robert got home, the lights were still on
He unplugged the sign, ashamed at his ignorance
forever saddened by the absence within his fence
It wasn't till ’07 that Robert fixed the sign
Tightened the bulbs and brought it inside
Facing his window he hoped it’d be seen
and that his zombie family would return home, to EAT

by Mike Oncley

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Mike Oncley's Tales of Horror Part 3

Vote McGovern 1972
by Andy Warhol

In 1969, our boy Richard Nixon died
“Oh Mike, you must be mistaken.” You’re thinking inside
But nay! Nixon, had a head on collision
In his President’s limo cause by the car driver’s bad vision
But the sun roof was open and old Nixon got snagged
Popped his head clean off and into his bag
His men did scramble to get him some aid
They thought of one name, but they were all too afraid
"Old Dr. Andy Warhol, he’ll know what to do
I heard he re-animated a thing or two”
So they took in the head, and the body came next
and begged mr. warhol to "at least try his best!”
So they showed him their goods, and from what he could tell
“That bodies too old” Andy said, “it’s beginning to smell
Come to the pantry, I'll see what I’ve got”
So he looked through his bodies that hadn’t begun to rot
“Here’s a fresh one! His name’s Brian Jones.
He’ll have the head of old Nixon, and a body from the Rolling Stones"
So he jammed on the head, a staple in back, a staple up front
He began to speak! About politics and that you can’t always get what you want
A little more stapling, the job was complete
They loosened the straps, he stood to his feet!
A look to his left, a look to his right
He walked to the car, and got on with a presidents life
Come time for reelection in 1972
Nixon policies stunk, and Andy knew what to do
He grabbed his brush and an old photo he took
Painted Nixons face green, with it’s menacing look
to tell the world of this monster, that he had created
But Nixon fought on, he toured and debated
So Andy then planned to throw the party of the year
To inform everyone of the monster we’ve got here
"My new club in Soho, it’s called “Watergate”
We’ll all meet up there, try not to be late!"
Soon Nixon got word, it traveled quite quickly
He knew of the party, of his face looking sickly
He sent out his men, to bug up the place
“Do it quickly, and don’t leave a trace!”
So they did what he said, at their speediest pace
Only noticing the name on this space
Not taking note of the address on the building
With Nixon’s new handwriting, the map was confusing
Now, if you think about all of the coming events
that we all know from the history of our governments
The cases, the questions, recordings and lying
All leading up to old Nixon resigning
It’s safe to say Andy won their game
of who could cause the other party the most shame
Quickly ending the rein of old Nixon
It seemed that this monster, was AGAIN, in need of some fixin

by Mike Oncley

Part 1
Part 2
Part 4 

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Mike Oncley's Tales of Horror Part 2

Double Elvis 1963 & 1976
by Andy Warhol

As not many of you may know
There was much more behind that little white fro
Andy Warhol was not only mad
But a mad scientist, who wasn’t half bad
A couple love potions, a guy back from the dead
He even sewed Brian Jones(rolling stones) body to Richard Nixon’s head!
By the time word hit his A-list clients
A young southern boy said he wanted to try it
“Try what?” asked Andy, “You’re being quite vague”
“Any experiment!” responded Elvis, “transplant my leg!”
But Andy knew better, not to waste his great skills
The machine he then described, gave Elvis chills
“From here to there, to any time, I’ll move all your atoms!"
“Time travel exists?” Elvis could not even fathom
"I’ll load you in here, you exit right there
Simple as that no need to be scared.
The question now is what time you’d appear”
“Try 1976, that sound like a good year”
So Mr. Presley hopped in, Andy set his date
No one foresaw Presley’s new fate.
As many may know, teleportation is scary
When one side moves over, results may vary
Say, if a fly flew in to one side
You’d have Flyvis, the sexy bug with southern pride
Fortunately for our protagonist, there was no fly
Simple absence of matter, so the machine gave it a try
It sent Elvis flying, through time and through space
Well, half of him that is, his hips and that handsome face
What was left behind wasn’t the man we know
But a lesser being, who could still play a good show
Less self control and a little bit fatter
Elvis2 was half the man, but twice the matter
So the world would have to settle for these identity tricks
Until Elvis1 would appear in 1976
13-years of solace, in galaxies above
Elvis1 returned, ready for his hat and gloves
Andy welcomed him with worry in his eyes
“The other you's been performing, and eating all the pies”
Elvis1 quickly took off, to meet this imposter
to hopefully redeem the image left by this monster
With talking and planning, it took them a year
to finally decide what they’d have do here
“The name has been soiled, Elvis is dead,
Lets go to a place I’ve spent some time in instead”
We’ll go out in space, we’ll dance in the stars
Where we’re going, we need no guitars
So In 1977 the Elvis’ took action
They approached the machine and decided to pack in
"Both in one? Maybe we’ll merge”
Although years before this caused them to diverge
So in they went, 4 fingers crossed
Andy set the coordinates, destination: Lost
A pull of the switch, a turn of a knob
A great flashing light, the Elvis were gone
So now anytime you see a star, or read of Elvis’ fall from grace
You can thank Andy Warhol, for sending Elvis to space

by Mike Oncley

Part 1
Part 3
Part 4 

Friday, October 31, 2014

Mike Oncley's Tales of Horror Part 1

Last night I had the privilege of leading a tour at the Seattle Art Museum.

I added a red censor since photos are not allowed in SAM(shhhhh)
I was part of the "My Favorite Things" tour during the October 30th, 2014 "Community Night Out" at the museum. In the spirit of Halloween, I decided to make my false backstories have a bit of a spooky twist.

For anyone who couldn't make it, I will be posting my 4 stories in order on my website. The painting that helped kick off my tales of terror was Roy Lichtenstein's "Study for Vicki".

Study for Vicki! 1964
by Roy Lichtenstein

The old creaky house with the mailbox outside
is were Mr. Jones and his wife Vicki reside.
A worn welcome mat and their name on the door
The Jones’ had moved in a long time before.
As the red wallpaper tore and the carpets grew mold
their passion fueled marriage somehow grew cold.
As Vicki’s attention soon moved to her writing
Mr. Jones and his wife had to work through the fighting.
"We’ll go to a counselor, they’ll tell us what to do"
“Oh I assume you want me to pay for that too!”
So they never got counseled, they just stayed home
Two people present, but both so alone.
A traditional man, and stubborn as hell
he knew a divorce was what he had smelled.
“I can’t do that! Lose half of my stuff!”
So his next idea was a little off the cuff
He started to pace and ponder and sway,
"What if she dies? Then I don’t have to pay”
Without missing a beat, he planned in his head
the way in which he’d make his wife DEAD.
After breakfast the next morning, he kissed her goodbye
"Don’t wait up honey, I’m working late” he had lied.
Later that evening, upon Mr. Jones return,
Vicki was asleep and her husbands decision was firm.
He snuck to their room with only one thing he could see
The 6 figure amount on her life insurance policy.
As his hands dove into the space below her chin
Vicki’s future was beginning to look grim.
Normally in the story, the hero enters to save her
But Vicki’s fate was a just a little bit graver.
Mr. Jones was no doctor, and he wasn’t that strong
but the look in her eyes, he knew Vicki was gone.
With his hands trembling, the moon still in the sky
He retired to the couch, to get some shut eye.
Mr. Jones dreamt of his story, home invasion gone fatal.
He awoke to the sound of plates on a table.
The sun had come up and the room smelled delicious.
Someone had made breakfast, and was putting out dishes?
“Did I dream up last night? Is someone else here?
The police? The in-laws? my boss Mr. Grier?"
Then, what he heard was as clear as day,
“Breakfast is ready” just like his wife used to say.
In fact, it smelled how her breakfasts smelled, that certain way.
As he pulled back the door and his heart began to race
He didn’t know what he’d do if he saw that face.
His skinned turned white from it’s normal, spotted red
“Vicki! I-I thought I heard your voice!” he said.
It was her, alive, just setting the table,
In fact she looked healthy, happy and able.
The only thing off was the surprise in her stance
When her husband walked in and gave her a glance.
“Mr. Jones Found Dead” was the headline she had hoped to see
When she sprinkled the poison into his Wheaties.
"He said he’d work late, the end is nigh
He’ll collapse on the job and I’ll have my alibi"
Vicki had thought, the morning before,
Little did she know how slowly the poison would absorb.
By the time that cocktail reached Mr. Jones heart
He had already strangled his wife and was sleeping apart.
Now it’s not every day you can murder your own killer
But eternity with them sounds an oddly bit chiller.
The murder they thought would separate them from their spouse
Only caused the haunting of that old creaky house.

by Mike Oncley

Monday, October 20, 2014

Banksy's Identity Revealed

It's me....

Not really, but I can't help but laugh at all of the trolling going on with fake news sites. They found out how to get your attention!

Original, fake article here:

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Paloma Faith

I enjoy fun little challenges. If you are a close friend, you know that if you blurt out a visual idea and I like it enough, you'll be looking at it drawn up the next day.

When I saw the album cover for Paloma Faiths A Perfect Contradiction, with the prompt of creating poster art based on it, an idea sparked.

I like the idea of multiple pages depicting different aspects of a person. I used Paloma's face and dressed her in her different outfits like her album cover. I also added mock pages and paper texture to really bring it to life.

If you enjoy how it looks and think it deserves to be turned into a real life poster, please vote for it here:

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Middle MOn

It's taken me long enough, but I have just opened my first, self contained store.

I am familiar with using third party sites like Society6 and Etsy and now want to put on my big boy pants and take out the middle man!

I will still have select items up in each of those stores but all originals, as well as some prints, will be available in my store exclusively at I even have an option for you to write down a scenario for me to draw on a square and send it to you!

Or how about a toilet holding another toilet's tank lid while it vomits into a human's mouth

I still encourage you to check out my ZIIBRA page and read the different subscriptions I offer. I have a subscription that includes your own custom square drawing along with a bunch of prints, that you could get all throughout the year!

Happy #inktober.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

All Quiller No Filler

I'm really starting to like using a quill and ink to draw! The pointed end on the lines it makes look so tasty.

My lettering could use some work. I'm excited to try other sized tips.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

RockStar's Rampage!

The folks over at were nice enough to feature my rendition of Trevor Philips from GTA V on their blog.

Thanks for the shout out, and thanks for making GTA V a thing! Early 2014 could have been particularly boring without it.

Sunday, September 21, 2014


I think this describes the current state of California's water supply pretty well.

Back when I worked at a coffee shop, I would cut out and collect all the "fragile's" on the chocolate covered espresso beans that would be shipped in. Who knew these dry, brown strips of cardboard would be so symbolic of the heat that is devouring California this summer.

Sunday, September 7, 2014


Here is my original painting for the 2014 PRESS START III: Turbo Edition at the lovely Ltd. Art Gallery in Seattle.

A bit darker than my usual pieces, but when anything contains Trevor Philips from GTA V, it's gonna get a little scary.

See the making of, here:

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Ryan Anderson

Last weekend I lost a dear friend and it's been a little difficult to put in my typical commissioned art time.

Fortunately he's been inspiring me for my own pieces; works I will be keeping until we meet again and I can hear him say, "oh, hey buddy".

Long live Dinosaur Jesus. #ripra

Friday, July 25, 2014


This is occupying my Friday...

The directions are a little vague. Use any key, A to Z and use Spacebar to change the catalogue(a new set of sounds).

That's better.


Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Virgin Territory

The title of this post not only refers to the new MTV show entitled "Virgin Territory", but also to me! My "Abiculture" design has made it on to television, unsolicited, for the first time!

This shirt was distributed through the non-profit Music Saves Lives at past Warped Tours and various blood drives; now it's made it's way onto one of Mikaela's multiple crushes on the show, Ashton.

If you think you can pull off the shirt better than Ashton, or if you just want to be a virgin magnet like this stud, the updated version of the t-shirt is available online at Society6.

Get yours before Lincoln's ghost sues me for misrepresentation.

Oh, and did I mention it gets the Steve Aoki unofficial seal of approval as well?

Thursday, July 10, 2014

BBT vs. Echo Park Rising

My boys down at Blind Blind Tiger are hosting a slew of artists at the Echo Park Rising festival on August 17th.

I was honored to be asked to make the official BBT poster for the show, which will be given out at the event! See it below.

by Mike Oncley

Check out a couple of the artists featured on their stage. Guaranteed to be a hoot.0!


Sunday, July 6, 2014

Your Fantasies Come True!

July 18th marks the opening of "Fantasy in the City" at Ltd. Gallery.

I was lucky enough to grace the official flyer for the show with my piece featuring Fantasy Man himself!

My piece for the show is a diptych, so come in person to see it's other half!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

You've Met These Online Daters Before

Through the many popular apps for rating your local tail, and various websites that match users based on interests or questionnaires, I have found that a I often run across the same types of people in the dating pool.

Maybe you've stumbled across one of these 13 people yourself.

The Where's Waldo
If your first message to a potential date is “which one are you?”, you’ve found a Waldo. These daters love their friends, so much so that they won’t pose for a photo without them. It’s a new age of blind dating with them since you have a 1 out of 15 chance of knowing what they’ll look like.

The Angles
Relive 2005 with these online daters who were too fond of Myspace to let their habits die. Always striving to look the best, their overhead selfies suggest that their hourglass figure, is more of a funnel…. a funnel of love.

The Zoom Out
"HEELLOOOO. DON’T I LOOK NICE?” No one really has any idea how they look because all of this persons photos are taken from a span that would make the moon jealous. Is it ironic that they aren’t looking for a long distance relationship? 

The Steve Erwin
Monkeys, Tigers and Parrots, oh my! A trip to the zoo won’t suffice for this travel bug. The Erwin in them wants you to know, for sure, that they touched a tiger on the other side of the planet…. with three of their fingers…. while the Cambodian trainer distracted it with treats. You rebel you.

The Heavy Weight Champ
Putting your best foot forward has always been a good way to meet people. The Heavy Weight Champ lives by this phrase and wants to give you their best photo first, usually them at age 21, eating cheetos and celebrating a high metabolism. Slowly as you click through their photos, the cheetos add up and now that "best foot" has slowly transformed into a 28-year-old, orange dust cloud of guilt and snacking. 

The Sporty Spice
Don’t even think about suggesting a movie to see, this person will not sit down unless they’re strapped in to a zip line! The order of the photos on Sporty Spice’s profile is usually them hiking, doing a triathlon, finishing the color run, rock climbing, slaying a dragon and mountain biking. I hope you brought your A-game because this potential date is already packing their tent for a cliffside picnic.

The All By My Selfie
Who needs friends, not this person. Hell, they don’t even want family to pose in photos with them. Nothing says self-confidence like 5 mirror selfies in a row. See also: The Angles for this online dater’s stye of photo.

The T9
What good is a closeup if the photo looks as if an identity is trying to be hidden. Welcome to pixel city with this nostalgic dater using their Nokia that still requires T9 to type messages. Sometimes mystery can be intriguing…. sometimes.

The Clark Kent
Look at my lips! Look at my single eye! Look at my feet, but don’t look at my face!! Secret identities are cool, but you’ve got to stick with at least one to online date. Scared your friends, coworkers or Lex Luther might recognize you online and mail you some kryptonite? Don’t worry, no one will mail you anything.

The Hookup
Let’s cut to the chase, we all know why you made an account here. This selfless dater wants to give you the full package up front. Similar to the Clark Kent, you won’t always see this persons face, but they are here for one thing, and that is to get down and dirty with the first person that messages them. (Warning, this person has mastered the angles and the art of using their fit friends photos)

The Boo
“I’m here to meet cool new people. In the meantime, have a look of a bunch of photos with my ex.” This scenario, that would not make much sense in real life, somehow DOES as an online occurrence. Is “making sense” the proper term? Or more like “getting by”?

The Beef Cake
No color runs for this muscle factory. If it isn’t made by bow flex, it aint shit. The mirror at the gym is this online daters personal selfie enhancer and they’ve got 4 photos a week to prove it. At least you know where they are when they aren’t at home.

The One Is The Loneliest Number
Take any of the photographic scenarios above and stick it into a single photo. Talk about tall dark and mysterious.

You may know one of these perpetrators, hell, you may even be one. So be nice to those looking unto your photos and put your best, and well lit foot forward, by yourself, visibly, with your whole face, from straight on. That should do it.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Adobe Creative Apps Fundamentals

There are quite a few perks working at CreativeLive.

One instance being the need for people to star in commercials for upcoming workshops. I happen to use the same Adobe applications they are teaching so they asked me to be in this short promo for the classes!

Filmed and edited by the very skilled Mike Folden.

If you want to learn more about Adobe CC I highly suggest watching these classes.

Monday, May 12, 2014

The Choice is Yours

You now have the option to select the size of the print you would like form my Etsy store!

Previously, it required you to message me personally to get a custom size. Now simply click the menu and you're there!

Also, if you're reading this right now, use the code "BIGGER" to get 25% off of my Etsy store when you spend $30 or more.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Day 27 - All Bets Olaf

Maybe the tequila sunrise was the wrong choice for his drink....

....or maybe just the sunrise itself

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Day 26 - No! DRINK the Bleach!

The theory makes sense.... drink bleach, pass a drug test. Simple as that.

At least his puke will disinfect the floors.

Stop, Motion.

With a click of the play button on Two Door Cinema Club's Tourist History, I have been transported to my past.

As "Do You Want It All?" began to play I was reminded of the stop-motion video my buddy Jole and I made years ago, not to mention a couple recent work conversations regarding stop-motion animation.

We originally would hold down the right arrow key to scroll through Photobooth photos to animate our images.

After throwing it into Final Cut we were able to make this.

A lot of fun to make, and sometimes confusing.

Prior to this double-laptop, stop-motion beast, Jole and I were riding solo in own own videos.

My first:

My Second:

I hope to do more in the future. I have a nicer camera now and even an intervalometer! Look at me now mother.

Stay tuned for #someothertimeinmypastsunday!

Not really.... but I might have to draw 2 #barfadays tomorrow.


Friday, April 25, 2014

Day 25 - Assy McGee

If puking out of your mouth was bad enough.....

Assy Mcgee has always been a big drinker, looks as if he's hit the bottle a little too hard tonight.


Thursday, April 24, 2014

Day 24 - Pukes of Gold and Rainbows

No wonder they are always at the other end!

Poor little guy had too much leprechaun giggle juice

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Day 23 - Corn Chunks

I've been poisoned! Someone must have put corn in my drink....

They're at the same party as the mushrooms....

Happy barf-a-day 23!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Day 22 - The Great Barfbino!

It's just become an initiation process now...

CHAW! Whoa did he eat baseballs?

Monday, April 21, 2014

Day 21 - Portabarfo

And you thought your mushrooms just sit quietly in their little blue box.

Incorrect, they are actually talking shit about eachother.

But don't worry, they're all getting chopped up and put on a pizza soon.

Your fridge is basically a vegetable death camp.