Saturday, February 24, 2007

The Number 23

Holy Crap! I just saw The Number 23 with Jim Carrey. That movie is the bomb diggity. Jamie told me that Kevin and Bean said that the movie tried to hard to be all deep and creepy but i think the movie was right on! It could not have been better. Although it COULD have been better if we weren't sitting in the second row, where you actually have to move your head back and forth to watch the movie. But it was worth it. Sooooooooo GO SEE IT! you know what else is creepy that Jamie pointed out. My birthday is March 20th, 3+20=23! and my address, 3155 (3+15+5=23) AND my lisence plate 4EBG005, (4+E(5)+B(2)+G(7)+0+0+5=23)