Sunday, June 8, 2008

I feel you ladies

Sunday morning at It's A Grind isn't the most eventful of times. Thus, i usually have my laptop with me or a magazine or some strange thing to do other than work. Well as you can tell i did bring my laptop, but also in another strange turn of events, a semi-harmless prank of someone putting tape on my arm turned into an hour long ordeal of tape waxing the rest of my right arm. As of now i have a patchy quilt of hair holding on for dear life to my raspberry tinted arm.

I now understand what women go through to look good for us men. I know im not getting both my legs or my cooter waxed but i could translate the pain.

Thank you ladies.

oh, and I do plan on having the girls at work finish the job, but just leave it at the right arm exclusively. 

also.....just because i feel the pain doesn't mean i saying girls should stop. no one likes the Cousin It look. haha just kidding....but seriously.