Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tour Schedule

My schedule is pretty redundant once i hit the road with my friends....starting from when we wake up to the end of the night usually goes as such: -Wake up in Walmart parking lot -Brush teeth and buy anything we may need inside Walmart -Find local disc golf course or other P.O.I. -Lunch -Explore new city we are currently in -Eat leftovers from lunch/snacks -Find venue we are playing at and hang out -Play show -Drink (very strict DD rule) -Dinner -Start driving to next city after show -Arrive at new Walmart parking lot anywhere from 1-5am and sleep and the cycle begins anew. Of course our plans may be changed for any number of things, but i guarantee you they will be pretty close to this. This is the life folks. Old friends, new friends, new faces and new places.....can't beat it.