Monday, April 23, 2018

High Art 2018

What a crazy 4/20!!

In the beginning of March I stumbled across a 4/20 art contest via Instagram, HIGH ART. The theme was "Freedom" along with "cannabis" of course so I figured my red, blue, and white style would be a good match for this theme. The contest was also being hosted by Juxtapoz Magazine, which I(and many) consider to be one of the top art magazines currently. I was stoked to be a part of something they were putting on alongside Natural Cannabis Co. located in Santa Rosa. This was their 5th annual High Art contest yet the first time I was hearing about it.

After I submitted my painting "Onjha" online, I waited. I've submitted to contests in the past which usually end up being a popularity contest. Winners are usually chosen by how many votes they can get from the "public" which leaves a lot of room for dishonest votes. That is why I was so excited to hear that High Art would be judged by a panel of 7 judges. Then, just a month after submitting, I got a notice that I was a finalist! Out of over 5000 submissions, I made it to the top 100! The wait was on again with 2 more weeks until the final announcement.
My submission entitled "Onjha" (pronounced 'on-yuh')

As two+ weeks passed and 4/20 finally arrived, Morgan and I did what we normally do on that date since our time in Seattle, hit up the pot shops! After showing some face at The Pottery in LA, and passing through Delta9 we headed home just in time to relax at 4:20pm. We were casually laying on our bed browsing social media when my phone DINGS with a new email...


Excuse me? Me? I have? I frantically read the entire email thinking "is this a mass-sent email and am I just reading the subject line wrong??" Reading...reading...reading...My name and the title of my painting were IN THE EMAIL. This was sent directly to me..... I had won! FIRST PLACE!!!

Since Morgan and I were originally considering heading to Natural Cannabis Co. up in Santa Rosa to make 4/20 a little more fun, I had completely forgotten that the winner would also be announced via Facebook live. Still laying on our bed, my fingers raced to Natural Cannabis Company's Facebook page. Their latest video, 11 minutes of judges revealing the top 5 contestants. A little bit of scrubbing and there she was, Onjha, in all her glory, in the #1 spot! It was such a surprise, Morgan and I were hugging and kissing and celebrating. What better way to celebrate our recent engagement than to win a cash prize that can help make our special day even more special?

Special thanks to Morgan for taking the original image and to Onjha for being in it!

I must say, some of those finalists were so impressive, I am honored to have even been in the top 20! I never would have expected my 1am submission to an online art contest would have gotten me to the final spot and I can't be more grateful.

If you're curious about the 10k worth of donations, I've asked NCC to donate it all to Red Cross International. The Red Cross has always been a part of my life, especially with my prior involvement with Music Saves Lives and I know how important blood can be to we humans. So next time you donate blood, ask for an extra orange juice, on me!

If you'd like your own copy of the winning painting, prints can be purchased HERE along with a ton of other merchandise.

Sunday, April 22, 2018


I liked it so I put a ring on it!

This has felt like the longest, most eventful week of my life. On Monday I was proposing to my girlfriend Morgan and by Friday I was winning an international art contest, and so much in between!

More on the latter in my next post... more on the former for the rest of my life.

Mike & Morgan forever.

Monday, March 12, 2018

Feelin' Dirty

I turn 30 next week.

I imagine the morning of the 20th will look something like this:

See you on the other side!

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

RAW Natural Born Artists - ENVISION

I will be showcasing at this years RAW:OC arts show entitle ENVISION on January 24th.

Over the 5 years I spent living in Seattle I began to experiment with only using red, blue, white, and sometimes black paint. All of these paintings were created after my local Seattle art gallery shut its doors for good meaning that this January event will be the FIRST time I showcase this series of paintings in front of real live humans! I have shown some of these pieces on my website before but am very excited to give everyone the opportunity to see these up close and personal. I will be selling all of these paintings at my booth including some newer ones.

Tickets to the event are $22 and you get so much more than an art show. There will be live music, dance performances, live painting and a fashion show to end the night!

As a bonus to everyone who buys a ticket from me, you will be automatically entered to WIN an original art piece. A name will be drawn at random on the night of the event so you can go home with your new art! Your ticket must be purchased using the link below to be entered.

Be sure to add "Mike Oncley" as your "artist" when you purchase your ticket.

See the other artists HERE

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Faking It on MTV

It sure is fun to have friends in the TV industry!

My pal Alex Hunter(Everyone I Love Is Dead) also works on a variety of TV shows when he is not directing zombie hordes. He asked me if I could send him some art files to get printed for the background of the TV series Faking It on MTV.

Faking It isn't a show I would typically watch so of course, I missed these scenes when the show came out. I recently stumbled across some paperwork from Alex and my art agreement, reminding me the name of the High Schooler show I signed up to be on! A quick Google search and I was able to find the Season 3 episode my art was on, available on Hulu(nice).

The episode was about one of the main characters having a piece in the student art show. My art was used to accent the background and make it feel like an authentic art class/gallery.

My wooden "Bauhaus" art piece on the table in the background(above "Gregg Sulkin")

My portrait of Wayne and my double-faced portrait of The Pierces on the back door

Portrait of The Pierces, my red "Sea of Ink" painting and my couples portrait "A Kiss From Me" on the brick wall

A closer shot of "A Kiss From Me" behind this one-sided conversation

Screenshots taken without permission from MTV ;)

Monday, December 18, 2017

Now You Simi, Now You Don't

Drugs, guns, cars, and murder. Not what you typically think of when you think of Simi Valley. So how do you portray that in a poster about exactly that?

See how I did...

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Stellar People, Black Pills

Adaptive Studios is at it again with their new series, Stellar People, and every great series needs a great poster to show it off!

Want to see the whole thing?