Sunday, July 16, 2006

More than meets the eye

HOLY CRAP! I just saw Pirates, which was great....can't wait for the third one, oops, sorry.

OK but enough of that. The real news is in the previews. I've never seen a better one in my LIFE. It wasnt all CGI and awesome like that, but the content and suspense was amazing. Tranformers is coming to the big screen, thats right, i said transformers. That little NASA robot thing lands on Mars, and then a flippin Transformer comes and knocks it the fuck out. Thats all, that was the whole preview, and i can't wait to see it. Especially because it comes out July 4th.......of 2007!!!! (well obviously 07, its already july 16) But a whole year? cmon, im already waiting that long for the simpsons movie. But in all honesty that transformers movie looks like it will fucking rock. Unless disney gets in on it and has hillary douch play the girl that Mega Tron falls in love with or some shit, FUCK THAT. All we want it some robot on robot fighting and transforming.

my review: two thumbs far

Thursday, July 6, 2006


Holy crap. I have officially become addicted to ebay. So you can read about how i bought my camera (previous blog) but now i am buying shit for it, and i dont even have it yet. I bought a fish eyes lense for just $40! And a spare battery for $0.75!! I mean how can you go wrong with that(don't answer that)? Also tonight i got an email that says i won a 2GB sandisc memory card for $40 ($19.95 shipping) Thats a ~$180 memory card for $60. AMAZING! Now im buying crap that just looks good. Go to "point and shoot 35mm cameras" section and type in "lomo" in the search box. Coolest cameras ever. who will buy me one? im bidding on the 4-1 picture camera thats at $2.89 right now.

Sunday, July 2, 2006

New camera

Heres the deal, i graduated highschool......duh....when you graduate you get money from people, who knew, and you use this money to buy things you want. Well after i have successfully completed each one of these steps, i am still stuck here waiting for my "special something" to come in the mail. Yes the mail, of course every store i checked for my new digital camera was out of stock or didnt carry the right one or was just too damn expensive. I went to Best Buy to find the Canon Rebel XT (hells yes) and all they had was the poo poo silver one for $100 more than i've seen at Circuit City, i guess they should be called WORST Buy (how original of me). So i go to CC and i browse a CRXT in sight. So i go home and go to CC's website, BAM they have the silver one (yuck) and the BLACK one hooray. Click bang boom i order it and now im stuck here for 1-2 WEEKS w/o a super omega awesome digital camera.

Also, i went to Fremm Fest yesterday....which was amazing....and sort of as a kick in the balls to me and my waiting period, EVERYONE had a camera, no not disposable or even boo boo digital cameras like i currently have, im talking Nikon's and Olympus evolts and just good shit like that. I was overzelous fo sho. But at least i got giant, good working, headphones for $3 there. Now today i think im gonna go buy a 1GB memory card with my Best Buy gift card and maybe stare at it for about a week or two.