Sunday, February 23, 2014

Man Math

I just finished watching Unicorn City, great flick.

I couldn't help but notice a slight resemblance as the movie started, that's when I realized....

Doug Benson plus Ryan Gosling equals Devin McGinn.

McGinn plays the antagonist Voss in Unicorn City and his dopey eyes, hunky scruff and calm demeanor can only be the result of a Benson/Gosling love child.

Interesting fact: He get's his hunky scruff from Doug.

All looks aside, a recommend the movie to anyone who is into video games and board games. It also shows a very true point about doing what you love and how diving head first into something can be scary yet rewarding.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Seattle Feeds Creatives

Working around so many right-brained people at my day job has enlightened me of the vast amount of creative thinkers in Seattle. There are some things about the city that draws the manic artist to it year after year. I may have figured them out.

The Coffee: You are up late. You're up late almost every night, hunched over a sketch pad or tablet or laptop or anything! Not only staying up late requires a vast amount of coffee, but functioning the next day will require at least 5 cups before noon. Where else can you get the best coffees with two on every corner? I can literally trip and fall across the street and start ordering coffee, which I do most mornings.

The Rain: There is no better excuse, to staying in doors, than the rain. Some people don't understand "no, I'm staying in, I have to stare at a canvas until I see something in it." There are nights when you need those uninterrupted hours. Fortunately, Mr. Cumulonimbus knows what you need and sprinkles a little precipitation on the city.

The Bars: If there is one thing that outnumbers the coffee shops, it's the bars. That being said, there is a limitless amount of bars that you can go to to have a quiet drink, eat some munch, write a paragraph, sketch a draft, do math, again anything. Creative humans don't only go to these bars, but most are owned by them. The Unicorn is a perfect example of someone's creative juice being splattered all over their walls as a welcoming environment for your thoughts.

The Supplies: Seattle is scattered with Universities and Community Colleges. These help to ensure the restocking of obscure films, art supplies and the existence of countless framing stores. It is amazing having an art store in walking distance almost anywhere you live.

and finally, as of recently... The Weed: Of course, but I don't need to get into that.

Maybe Seattle has a master plan for creative thinkers. Maybe it'll merge with Portland and create the hippest thing you've ever seen. Maybe Bruce Lee will karate chop out of his grave and become a zombie crime fighter. Who knows. What were we talking about?