Thursday, July 29, 2010

Juicing it!

So I wasn't the only person who had this idea, I guess it runs in the family.

Recently my grandpa gave my family a boatload of plums which we all couldn't eat quickly enough. Also, we just recently inherited a juicing machine. Two and two came together and PLUM JUICE was made.

The sweet and tasty juice has a thick tomato juice-like consistency.

I suppose it was meant to be.

Monday, July 26, 2010

The Hall Collection

So it's been four nights in the making, but once I started I just couldn't stop at just one.

Thursday night I posted my first Annie Hall themed poster. This was originally planned as a one time deal, but the good quotes kept coming and the images started flying.

I now present my 6 part series of Annie Hall inspired posters.

The Hall Collection

 Prints available for purchase

Worlds collide

Ever since my motocycle accident I have been in need of a new seat for my bike. Mine has some rips in it that are disguised with faux leather and thread. So I have been looking at seats online for a while, especially cafe style seats with little luck.....

In a different section of my life, I have been looking at replication and how to use fiberglass with my Rocketeer Helmet project....

Ok so motocycles, helmets, yea they go together but I don't see the connection.

FIBERGLASS you turkey!

Well it turns out that aside from making helmets and ricer car hoods out of fiberglass, you can pretty much make anything you want, even custom bike seats. Say what?! Oh yes, it's actually quite simple (skip the engine photos)and will save me over $150 purchasing a new seat. The only difference is that it will be more time consuming, and maybe a little lopsided. I'm willing to live with it.

Isn't it great when you make something, just for the sake of making it? This helmet has essentially no purpose other than to be made. Yet, the skills it took to make the helmet come back in full swing to benefit my life. Awesome. Learning things is awesome.

Here's a photo of jewish kids learning stuff

Sunday, July 25, 2010


So 5 minutes ago I was researching on YouTube for the text in my next art piece. It is of Jeff Goldblume in Annie Hall and his famous one liner of ".... I forgot my mantra." All online scripts and folks reminiscing about the joke online, such as myself, have all been posting it incorrectly. Most text versions of this scene have either a "hello?" in front of the line, or just nothing. First of all, he does not say hello in this scene at all. I have listened to it over and over, and I want to go on record to be the first to write what Mr. Goldblume clearly says.....

"Mr. Sudeikis, yeah, I- I forgot my mantra."

There you have it. He is actually speaking to his guru named Mr. Sudeikis. Glad I got this all cleared up, but to be honest I probably won't include that "Mr. S" part in my art piece.

Hear it for yourself. Click through to 2:40

Flash back

I stumbled across an Etsy page that I have fallen in love with. For others who are stuck in the 'past that you never knew,' this is the page for you. It's called Avant Garage and it is a collection of retro.... everything! But mainly things to add class value to your everyday life.

Lots of items, take a gander(after the jump).

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Rocketeer Update

I have been pondering lately how to make the tube like details on the side of my helmet. Use actual tubes? Just make hot glue gun tracks. I needed something smooth and long and tube like. Then it hit me. I have used this stuff before, and it hasn't failed me yet. Crayola Model Magic clay is the shit with a cherry on top. Its puffy, it's light weight, it's easy to mold, and it's cheap. Plus i had some laying around so it didn't cost me anything currently. A few clay snakes here, some there, a dab of hot glue, and then i just wait till morning.

I plan on putting bondo all over the helmet again to fill in all of those dings and to cover the clay. We will see how well it goes. Wish me luck

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Time to fly

So for $200,000 (roughly), you can fly over water. Im in.

Water Powered Jet Pack from on Vimeo.

Friday, July 16, 2010


Mind blowing

Those seem to be the only words I have been using after I saw this movie. I won't spoil anything since this movie is just too awesome to spoil, and most likely too complex to spoil as well.

What I don't get, is how you think of a movie like this. I think Chris Nolan played A LOT of video games and also had A LOT of vivid dreams and just sort of put them together. KIND OF A SPOILER(for those who have seen it).... Think about it. How crazy would it be if you grew very old and some dude you used to know, came over one day with a gun and a dreidel and was like "bing bang bong. SURPRISE! redo" and then you were young again flying on a 747. Crazy, right? Chris Nolan is on another level. Literally.... out of the 4 levels..... he's on another one of them(wink). 

Bottom line is to go see this movie. Then go see it again.... maybe 3 times, you'll need it.

Also, me and my friend noticed that after we saw the movie, we weren't that impressed by the movie poster they had at the Art. Seemed pretty hollywood-generic.
Thus the reason I picked the "maze" poster as my title pic. Very relevant to the film and a pretty awesome design. Also, while looking for photos of these posters, I found this little comparison.
Uh oh, is someone using the same graphic designer? I know another who would love to make your next poster Mr. Nolan. nudge nudge.

Monday, July 12, 2010


Yesterday my dad and I went to my grandma's place for some homemade tuna sandwiches and the last game of the World Cup on the small screen. While watching Spain and the Netherlands capturing the ball in their backpacks (not sure of the exact rules), me and my dad were wondering what countries filled out the Netherlands so we knew exactly who we were rooting against. My grandma was diligently putting away food products while my dad and I pondered. He decided to look it up on his Google app for his iPhone. Since he has been out of the "Apple loop" for about 5 years, he has decided to make up for it by Google searching everything and ONLY searching by using the voice recognition option.

Dad: What countries count as the Netherlands?

Me: I don't know, I'm awful at geography

Grandma: Im just dumb, I don't know that kind of stuff

Dad: Here, I'll look it up (holds phone to mouth).... Netherlands

Grandma: Hey you guys want any of this cheese? Do you have this at home?

Me: The slices? I liked it, it's better than what we have at home

Dad: What? The mozzarella? 

Grandma: Yea

Dad: Oh we already have mozzarella balls at home, they're really good

Grandma: Oh ok

Me: Yea those are good, never mind then

Dad: Ah shit, it just searched for "Mozzarella Balls Netherlands"



Dad: Hey apparently there was a recall of mozzarella balls in the Netherlands, they were turning blue!

I think that set him back 2 "Apple years."

Here's the article: Mozzarella Balls Netherlands
Or just type in "Mozzarella Balls Netherlands" into google and hit "I'm feeling lucky"

and if you were wondering, the Netherlands consists of Amsterdam, Egypt, Alaska, and Portugal.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Back to the Now?

Even though Doc Brown decided to travel to the year 2015, the hover board got here a little early. Just don't try and ride it.

HOVERBOARD - NILS GUADAGNIN from nils guadagnin on Vimeo.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I Secretly Love You Man

Don't you love when you find little treats in movies? It's like finding the hidden Mickey in Disneyland rides.

While watching I Love You, Man for the 87th time, I noticed a little diamond in the rough at the beginning of the wedding scene. A black van rolls up to drop off the flowers for Peter Klaven's wedding with big letters on the side with the company's name. Bloom-Chica-Bloom. Too awesome.

I looked it up, couldn't find anything about a real company, which means that the writers had a meeting about clever names for the flower company. I can only hope that Bloom-Shakka-Lakka was in their list of possible names as well.


Finally available as a print. My first ever Jesse Lacey portrait

Monday, July 5, 2010

Great Commercial

Good job Universal Studios. This commercial had me glued the first time I saw it. Plus it is just vague enough to spike your interest when it's over. Ps: Is that Carl Winslow?


Ink on wood. Stained with espresso
by Mike Oncley

Friday, July 2, 2010

Is this real life?

Ok so back to my day to day. This marks the end of my Seattle latte excursion.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Wall Street Manor

Soon to be the best show on the internet with 5 cast members taking place on Wall St.


Latte 6

Monorail! The "original bike messenger coffee house," as I've been told. It sure lives up to its name though. Outside was a plethora of bikers all ready to take off, with their walkie-talkies in ear shot. This place is just the right size and in a pretty good location to get all the people on their way to work or just in town for the convention center.

The espresso in my latte was really rich and had a nice taste to it. With a handfull of tables outside, this shop was much like Vivace with it's ability to sit on the street, enjoy your cup, and people watch the shit out of everyone that walks by.

Latte 5

Victrola. A nice place in a nice neighborhood. The looks of the place reminds me of most It's A Grinds in CA with the big art on the wall (a little overpriced, but I don't know the artist), and the dim lighting and lots of seating. The atmosphere is really nice and all their food looked really good.
One thing I noticed was that the foam was a really enjoyable consistency. Really good micro foam which made the drink taste extra frothy and creamy.

Next stop, Monorail