Monday, June 21, 2010


You'll never guess who I served today at my work....

No, seriously, you will NEVER guess it. Really, you never will. You don't even know this guy.

His name is Ron Austar, but most people some recognize him as Pierre from the Adult Swim show, Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job. His main deal on the show is teaching kids how to dance, as well as some impromptu mediation.

Anyways, he came into my work today and got a split pea soup. Sadly, none of my coworkers are avid T&E watchers so I was the only one mumbling under my breath about Pierre. I jump to the soup bar to be the one to help him.

"You got any ham to go with that?"
"uhhhh..... no?" (I'm new)
"ok..... well what about crackers, can I get some crackers?"
"Well we have bread, white and wheat."
"No crackers?"
(turn to manager)"Uhhhh, do we have crackers?"
"No we don't"
"I'm sorry, we don't have crackers. But we do have bread sticks."
"Ok I'll take some bread sticks. (I put one in the bag) Whoa I'm gonna need more than that."
(I add another bread stick and then tilt my head and squint my eyes)"You want one more?"
"Yeeeaaa, one more."
All of this while he had someone on the phone.

....and that was about it. No life changing experience, but I mean, what are the odds? I work at Catalina Landing in downtown Long Beach for crying out loud, what's he doing here?

That meditation clip always creeped me out, haha. He has another funny one about a special "dream cream", which you rub on your body to implement dreams, but it takes a turn for the worse and sends him into a nightmare, but I couldn't find it.

By the way, his hair was exactly the same.

"Who's got my ham?"