Sunday, January 22, 2017

Old Files and Nuclear Wastelands

I just stumbled on this old map I made for a project for college while browsing through an old hard drive.

I'd say this nuclear wasteland I created was heavily influenced by Escape From New York since I was really into it at them time. Surprisingly I hadn't gotten into the Fallout franchise yet but this map only reiterates my recent love for Fallout and it's fictional world.

I just dream of an awesome new apocalyptic city that makes it's home in the ruins of Disney World. That would be sweet. And I mean actual Disney World, not this Nuka-World stuff. I want the real deal. The Rushmore wasteland would be pretty awesome too.

This also makes me wonder about old computer files in the future. Will I be an 80-year-old, transferring my old 60-year-old AI files to a more modern hard drive? Will digital media be a reckless and fragile storage option in the future when everyone has reverted back to printing everything?

Who's to say?!